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Your Most Prized Possession: Time

TIME is your most precious commodity.

It’s a limited resource.

You can invest more money and time into your business than you did yesterday.

But…you only get 24 hours per day - every day - no matter who you are, no matter how much money or resources you have. And once an hour (or even a minute) has gone, it’s gone forever. You can never get it back.

That is why our main purpose is to leverage time.

If there is any way we can save time, we need to use that method!

If you can burn that into your brain, you will always be giant steps ahead of most people in life.

Think of it this way… if it took you a month to make 500 dollars, you’d be making…well… 500 dollars per month.

BUT…if it took you one week to make that same 500 dollars, you’d be making 500 dollars per week – which is equivalent to 2000 dollars per month!

The only thing that changed was “time.” The speed at which you make money allows you to make $2000 in a month instead of $500.

Now, imagine making that same $500 within 24 hours! How much does that equate to per month? I’m sure you get the idea…

In The Beginning, It Started With The Big 3…

At the most basic level, making money requires two things: A buyer and a seller. It’s that simple. One person has something that the other person wants! When you’re selling something that the other person wants, the rest is easy.

To make it even easier, you can add “the ability to sell” into the mix - some vehicle or medium that will help you sell more effectively…it can be spoken words, written words, a video presentation, or anything else that will convey the benefits of your product to the buyer.

Making money on the Internet still begins with these 3 things…

1. Having a Product that people are dying to get their hands on...

2. Creating a killer Sales Letter that compels people to buy now, and...

3. Getting targeted Traffic (i.e "buying customers") to your site!

Yes, ever since the printing press was invented, these basics are still just as important! Master the above 3 things and you will make money! Guaranteed.

BUT… as mentioned earlier, your biggest obstacle is “time” – or lack of time!


Because in order to sell a product that people are dying to get their hands on, you have to research and find out what kinds of products are selling like crazy. Research takes time.

Once you’ve researched and found a winning product idea, you then have to create that product!

Creating a product is not difficult. But… if you go about it as most people do, it takes time!

(And even then, you are not guaranteed to come up with a winning product right off the bat, unless you get lucky.)

Okay… so let’s say that you now have a hot product in your hands, which you’ve researched and then created. Now, you need to have a killer sales letter so that you can sell this hot product.

Because no matter how hot the product is, it usually won’t sell as well by itself. You need a powerful, convincing sales letter to get people to buy.

Well, guess what… writing killer sales copy definitely takes time! And it takes great skill!

Unless you have studied copywriting, it’s very hard to come up with a winning letter, on your own, that will sell.

But, let’s assume that you are a great copywriter. Still, it could take you up to a week (or more) to create a powerful sales letter.

Your other option is to pay someone else to create the sales letter for you.

That will definitely take time because you now have to share with another person all you know about your product. So they can accurately represent your product in the sales letter.

Oh, and let’s not forget that a good copywriter these days can charge anywhere from $2500 to $15000!

So, unless you have that kind of money to shell out, or a copywriter friend who can do it for free, your next best step is to buy copy software for $1000. If not, your plumb out of options.

But… let’s assume that you somehow managed to create a decent sales letter. Now what…?

Can you just slap the sales letter up onto your site and start making money?

Oh no, no, no... If only it were that easy.

Now you have to “test” that sales letter to see how well it really works.

That’s right… no matter how great the copywriter is, there are NO guarantees.

Every smart marketer knows that before you spend big money on getting traffic to your sales page, you have to test it!

Then, you have to tweak your sales letter based on the results you get from your tests – until you have a sales letter that is actually making you money!

Needless to say, all of this testing and tweaking takes a lot of time!

But hey... let’s say that you miraculously managed all of the above in one day.

And now, you only have one thing left to do – get lots of targeted traffic to your site!

Obviously, there are many ways to do this.

You can form joint ventures with successful marketers, advertise on facebook, write a blog, use pay-per-click search engines,and so on.

Most of these traffic generators alone will take you more than 24 hours to set up and launch, let alone the other previous steps that we discussed above.

Mind you, all the steps I’ve discussed above are very doable.

It’s not rocket science.

I’ve done it before.

Created products from scratch and marketed them.

So, it’s not impossible or even difficult to do.

But, for most of us, it takes time!

(Especially if you have never done any of this before.)

So, let’s say that you did everything detailed above.

You did market research, created a hot product, created a great sales letter, and tested and tweaked it till it started to pull really well!

OH yeah, let’s also assume that you created some nice graphics for your site and for your product.Fiverr. Upwork.

And, lastly, let’s say that you also struck some joint venture deals with your marketer friends and started creating a surge of buying traffic to your site.

Now, you’re making some nice profits from your site. And, all of this took you about 1 to 4 weeks, depending on what you chose to do specifically.

Hey, not bad for a month’s work, right?

But, let’s just “assume” that you are not an experienced copywriter who can whip out killer sales copy within a week.

Let’s assume that you’re not a graphic designer or web designer for that matter. And, let’s assume that you don’t know how to research a product and then create one of your own.

Let’s also assume that you don’t have successful marketer friends and joint venture partners just ready and waiting to promote your product.

Or…maybe you do know how to do all those things, but you just don’t want to do all that work!

Because you’re looking for an easier and quicker way to make money from the Internet… say within 24 hours perhaps?

So, what does a smart marketer do?

Why, naturally, you need to leverage your time and efforts, as well as the time and efforts of others!

Instead of researching a product and then creating it, you can find an existing product that’s selling well.

Heck, let’s really stack the odds in our favor and find an existing product that’s doing extremely well.

See, when most people choose a product to sell, they just pick whatever is given to them, or whatever they stumble across at random.

They rarely pick the best of the best from the pack.

Don’t ask me why they do this.

Most people just operate that way.

And that’s why most people fail miserably.

And that’s why YOU will do it differently, and succeed massively by being different!

Always pick winners!

In fact, don’t just pick winners…pick the best winners out of all the winners! The best of the best!

The beauty of finding an existing product that’s selling extremely well is that it also comes with an existing sales letter that has been tested to pull in a lot of orders – ie. it’s making a lot of money!

So, now you have found a winner. And it didn’t take you weeks, or even days, to do it! You’ve already saved a ton of time! (I can show you how to do this in minutes!)

Now, you have two choices. You can either

1) buy resale rights to this product, Facebook ,

2) become an affiliate of the product owner and earn a percentage of the profits.

Both of these options have their pros and cons.

With option #1, you will need to get your own website, load up the sales pages to your site, install a credit card processor, and set up a thankyou page.

But, you get to keep 100% of the profits.

With option #2, you don’t have to do any of the above, but you only get to keep (usually) about 50% of the profits.

So, if you’re looking for less work, less setup time, fewer costs, and fewer headaches, option #2 is the way to go.

You don’t have to worry about taking orders, spending time answering customer / prospect questions, or processing refunds if there are any.

You simply plug into an existing money machine and start promoting it!

The product owner does all the work. All YOU have to do is focus on promoting the product. That’s it.

You want to be able to live the lifestyle of your choice!

What good is a business in which you have to put in 20 hour days and have no time left for family or leisure?

That’s not a business. That’s just another form of a “job” that keeps you trapped, wouldn’t you agree?

At any rate, let’s find the best products to promote…

The Only Two Product Categories You Should Target!

Our ongoing goal is to get maximum results in minimum time, and with minimum effort. Keeping that in mind, here are the best 2 product categories to target for maximum profits with minimum time and work…

1) The “How-To” Market

To make quick profits, target immediate problems,customer/prospect and needs! And, provide solutions to these problems.

People are always looking to improve themselves or some area of their lives.

They are always trying to find solutions to problems.

This report that you’re reading right now is a “how-to” report. So, you’ve just proven to yourself that “how-to” products are in demand.

Here’s another very powerful benefit to selling ‘how-to’ type products: they are easy to sell!

For example, if someone has a toothache and you’ve got a solution for him, you don’t need to convince him much. He already wants to get rid of the toothache.

So, unless you’re asking for an arm and a leg in exchange for your product, the guy with the toothache will be happy to buy it from you, and now!

2) Hobbies and Special Interests

Most people will always spend a LOT more money on "hobbies" and "special interests" than they ever will on things they really need! I know it's shocking to hear that, but it's true.

I have personally made nice profits from these types of products.

Play guitar by ear. Dog training for Your Furry. Who Wants To Make the Gym your Happy-Place!

I combined this understanding with something else…

I appealed to people's sense of "curiosity" - human beings are curious creatures. People love “secrets.” They want to know what they're "not supposed to know about!" PocketMoneySecrets. WorkFromHomeSecrets. AboutHealthSecrets.

They want to know what others don’t know so they can have an “edge” over everyone else.

Okay, back to our 24-hour money machine…

Most of our work is already done.

All we need now is targeted traffic!

Again, time is against us… and most of the traffic-generating strategies that work will usually take more than 24 hours to set up. So, we’ll have to go for one that creates results in the shortest amount of time possible! And the winner is…

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on Facebook, Google, or Youtube has quickly become one of the favorites among serious marketers. The reason is simple… you can see results within 5-10 minutes!

The other major reason is, traffic from search engines is highly targeted.

And, the individuals that make up this traffic pool are usually ready to buy now!

They are going to search engines looking for the product or service you have to offer! Your only job is to figure out which keywords they're searching for and show up on those search queries!

Google is the most popular PPC at the moment. Therefore, it can also be the most competitive, and usually, the most expensive. It's also the most difficult to master but is well worth your time.

Now that you have an overview of my system, and the fastest way to find highly-targeted traffic, it’s time to fill in the rest of the details, starting with #1…the product.

How To Find Hot Products, Fast

There are 3 main ways to quickly find hot products that you can sell.

1. Affiliate Products

The fastest and easiest way to start selling a hot product is to become an affiliate of someone else and sell their hot product for a cut of the profits i.e. a commission.

The most popular example of this is’s affiliate program.

They allow you to place a link on your site for their products. Each time someone clicks through your link and buys something from their site, you earn a commission. (Of course, their commissions are nowhere near what you can earn from other sites. So we won’t use them.

As mentioned earlier, there are some benefits to selling products as an affiliate: you get to take advantage of ready-made and tested order-pulling sales letter, graphics, and a sales -generating “system.” All you have to do is plug into this existing profit system and earn a commission.

You only get to keep (usually) about 50% of the profits.

However, if you’re looking for less work, less setup time, less costs, and less headaches, affiliate marketing is the way to go. You don’t have to worry about taking orders, spending time answering customer/prospect questions, or processing refunds if there are any.

You simply plug into an existing money machine and start promoting it!

The product owner does all the work. All YOU have to do is focus on promoting the product i.e. sending traffic to your affiliate page/link.

More than I can list here, however, here’s a shortlist of what you can do with the right private label product. Aside from getting a hot-selling product, order-pulling sales pages, and graphics, you can…

● Publish your own unique and high-quality product instantly, to sell them yourself, or start striking joint ventures with other big sellers.

● Set up your own affiliate program and get hundreds of other people to sell your hot new product for you.

● Sell resell rights to others for $47 to $97 each or more (depending on the product.)

● Sell master rights for $67 to $197 each or more (again, depending on the product.)

● Break them up into smaller, hot reports and turn them into your own viral list-building, profit-pulling machines. (You can’t do this with resell rights products or affiliate products because you’re not allowed to modify the contents of those products.)

● Use them as bonuses to increase the perceived value of your existing products and packages.

● Add partial contents of the product to your own existing products and quickly create a brand new, unique product that no one else has.

Having your own products to sell is really the best and most profitable way to go. Make no mistake about that.

However, as mentioned earlier, it takes a lot of work to research high-demand markets, create your own hot products, create and test the sales letters, create the graphics, build sales funnels out, etc. It takes time to build out an ecosystem.

With “private label” resell rights, you can simply skip all the work involved, just as with the previous two options, but still get to put your name on the products and control it 100%.

In a nutshell, you can instantly and effortlessly have a line of your own highly-profitable online products (and businesses) that can earn you money….starting almost overnight.


Well, there you have it… I've revealed a complete system to you that you can take to the bank…with 3 different options that you can choose from!

What you do from here is up to you.

Most people will read this report and put it away, letting it collect cyber dust.

The handful of unique individuals who take at least one of the above ideas and run with it will be the ones who create incredible profits from the Internet fast – in as little as 24 hours!

Wich one will you choose?

Once you have started to pull in profits from the above system, there are other powerful marketing and traffic strategies you can use to really put your profit-pulling power into hyperdrive.

Focus on getting at least ONE order/sale per day!

Do everything in your power to get that one order/sale.

Then, take it up a notch. (If that's too low a number for you, pick something higher… 5 orders per day, 10 per day, or whatever you decide on. And make that your "absolute must-have" number!)

Remember, you are the only one who can put limits on your results.

And you are the only one who can allow yourself to think big! As big as you want! No one else has that power.

Get yourself a coach, someone who doesnt know you and will aid you in your endeavours, whatever they may be. Athletes utilize their coaches to overcome hurdles before gametime, you do the same.

Use the above system to create your very own automatic money machine. It’s very doable. Anyone can do it, even you.

Let's make 2020 your most profitable year ever!

And then beat that record year after year after year!

Stay Healthy!

-Coach Chris,

SuccessWithinSuccess LLC.


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