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Being the bad egg but learning from it...

Ok, I will say it like this. We all want to be remembered in the best possible way. No one in their right mind would want to be remembered as the bad egg or black sheep of the family. (Me, I was called the black sheep of the family as a teenager) but I have done my best to ignore and remove all negativity from my life. This resulted in a lot of extra time spent developing and learning certain skills some would consider impossible to learn. BUT here is the best part, skills I've thought myself. Even though I am a "bad egg" so called. 🤣😂 I now have the experience, stories and with a more mature mindset now, I can share my life experience with the world. I'm sure theirs a whole lot more people who are currently in the same boat or situation as myself or may be headed to a jump ship position in their life. I know that I can save a lot of time and energy. So to balance everything out, No matter what you remember, for their will always be some positive from it. I mean unless you're a psycho serial killer rapist..but then you still teach the world that, A you're crazy, and B people need to find a way to "vent" so your not a ticking time bomb and end up on the news...or seek some professional help...just saying. Sorry for the long message I just had this on my mind, but thanks if you read this fully.

Take it easy!

-Coach Chris 2019.

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